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    Born well over 30 years ago at first as a fashion company that celebrated bright colors and playful design with a splash of humor, the Streamline brand debuted as a fashion watch manufacturer geared towards the junior accessories market. Started by Parson’s art graduate Sophia Franzakis and her business savvy husband Eli Senderovich in 1992, Streamline ethos has always been one of well designed, fun, colorful and amusing items that are also functional and which appeal to a broad range of ages.

    We enjoy creating and searching for items that are fun to look at, are artful, nostalgic and on trend, many are inspired by nature. Worthwhile items that perform a job, and very often bring a smile by their presence. Whether in-house or on the road we are the passionate folks that aspire to BE every fiber of the Streamline brand. It happens millions of times every week—a gift is given, a room is decorated, a collection is started.

    This IS Streamline!

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