4 Types of Meaningful and Inexpensive Gifts for Father's Day

Expressing your appreciation for a figure as monumental as a father is a remarkable challenge. Yet doing so with a gift furthers that challenge, adding considerations of pricing and availability. Nevertheless, you can find all the best gifts for Dad at Banner’s Hallmark. A regional provider of thoughtful yet economical gifts, Banner’s has options for every kind of dad and interest: self-care, decorations, drink accessories, and more.

Banner’s began in the 1970s as a small card, gift, and stationery store. Although our organization has expanded to dozens of locations in 3 different states, we remain a family-owned and -operated business with a sterling reputation. Our team embodies excellence, initiative, and creativity, and we strive to deliver outstanding value to our customers and community. To find the perfect gift for Dad, visit the nearest Hallmark Banner's store or shop on our website today.

Below, we offer some popular types of gifts for fathers:

1. Self-Care Gifts

As with Mother’s Day presents, the best gifts for Dads depend on their interests and preferences. For instance, some enjoy self-care products that help them look and feel their best. Our options in this category include:

  • Soaps and washes
  • Beard balms
  • Cooling towels
  • Face washes

While warehouse stores have discounted shampoo and face wash by the gallon, Banner’s offers products with rich scents (including bourbon, rum, and pine tar) as well as support for charities (a portion of proceeds for beard balm go to U.S. veterans).

2. Decorative Gifts

In a rush and out of ideas, some folks give their relatives money as a holiday gift. Yet gifts are always more meaningful than money. Take decorations, for example; while a lump sum may encourage your Dad to purchase some that he likes, you can go through Banner’s and find decorations that your father may not discover otherwise:

  • Hand-carved wooden figures
  • Platform picture frames
  • Decorative glasses
  • Sports gear porcelain figurines

A gift of cash says, “I was thinking of you.” A personalized decoration says, “This made me think of you.”

3. Drink Accessories

Many families enjoy bonding over a bottle of bourbon, wine, or another alcoholic beverage. Although buying these products requires a liquor store trip, check out Banner’s website for suitable accessories. Our accessory options include:

  • Tumbler glasses featuring NFL team logos
  • Whiskey wedge chiller
  • Chillsners
  • Pint glasses

4. Glassware & Mugs

best gifts for dad

Of course, dads can use celebratory glassware and mugs for more than alcoholic beverages. Banner’s offers an array of wine glasses, pint glasses, and coffee mugs to share your appreciation of Dad. As it is for spouses, a collectible mug is practical and enjoyable for those who receive it. You can also ask about options to customize your Father’s Day gift.

Find All the Best Gifts for Dad at Banner’s Hallmark

While the thought behind it may count more than anything else, a gift can be thoughtful and appreciative too. This Father’s Day, head to Banner’s Hallmark for the best gifts for Dad and share your affection. The Banner’s team is committed to helping all our customers identify a card and present that exhibits the most love and appreciation. Learn more about our options by calling (301) 670-4140 or shopping on our website.