Christmas Tree Inspo 2022

The time has come to set up your Christmas tree. Alas, you must venture up to your dusty attic or out to your garage and round up the same old decor— tangled lights, cracked ornaments, and perhaps a drab tree topper. If you're ready to mix up your 2022 Christmas tree decorations, look no further! At Banner’s Hallmark, we’re stocked with all the Christmas decor you never knew you needed. So get ready to deck your halls with boughs of holly and have a very merry Christmas!

Shopping Suggestion: find unique and stylish ornaments at Banner’s Hallmark, even ornaments including light and sound! Additionally, they sell ornaments featuring all your favorite characters, athletes, and vehicles.

Tree Tip: set up your tree near a window for added curb appeal. 

If you are using a fake tree, remember to secure the stand before moving on to the decorating process. If you are using a real tree, make sure to cut off the bottom few inches of the trunk so that it will fit in the stand properly. Once the tree is in the stand, use a saw to trim off any stray or wacky branches.

Now it is time to decorate your tree! Begin decorating by attaching the lights and tinsel. A few tips on how to string Christmas lights: start from the bottom and spiral the lights upwards around the tree. At Hallmark, we sell easy-string Christmas lights and helpful tree decorating hardware/hooks. Some prefer to use a pre-lit tree, avoiding the (often tedious) light-stringing process.  

Next, our personal favorite at Banner’s Hallmark, you add the ornaments. 

Christmas Tree Styling Idea: try creating a pattern with your ornaments, or perhaps stick to a theme and color scheme.

Some Christmas enthusiasts opt for several trees around the house, decorating each with a unique ornament theme. Shop tree decor, collectors ornaments, special edition ornaments and more at Hallmark. We also offer family and milestone ornaments. 

Your tree is complete! Now stand back and admire your work! However, one can never have too much Christmas decor. Shop cozy Christmas pjs, table decor, unique advent calendars and more at Banner’s Hallmark.