The Cozy Truth About Squishmallows

Squishmallows plush toys are here to fill your hearts with love and affection. Since 2017, the Squishmallows have grown into an international phenomenon. They offer comfort and warmth while being couch companions and bedtime buddies. With more than 1,000 Squish mallows characters to collect, each Squishmallow has its own unique name and storyline adding to the fun.

Why are Squish mallows so cozy?

  • Squish mallows are made of a soft, cuddly material that is perfect for snuggling
  • The pillows have a unique texture and feel what makes it so popular amongst kids and even adults

Squishmallows available on the Hallmark website:

Nick Santa & Jingle - Squishmallows - Flip a Mallow

This holiday season, make sure you spread cheer with Nick Santa and Jingle's new Squishmallows!  Each Squishmallow also comes with a unique twist - Flip-A-Mallow! Just squeeze your Squish Mallow into its comfortable form, then flip the tag embedded in its side to get an entirely new look. Now you can change up your display of cozy cuteness whenever you want! Get into the holiday spirit this year with Nick Santa & Jingle’s magical collection of Squishmallows!

Manny – Squishmallow

Manny the Squishmallow is an adorable stuffed animal that is sure to bring comfort and joy to all. Crafted with soft polyester fibers, Manny is a huggable stuffed animal perfect for cuddling up with. He's also great for decorating – his colorful design makes him a charming addition to any room. Manny has big bright eyes, a smiley face and floppy ears for extra sweetness. 

Manny isn't just fun and cute; he's also incredibly comfortable! His squishy body will make lying down or sitting in a chair far cozier than before. Whether you're taking a nap or reading a book, Manny can be your companion during your leisurely activities. Plus, he won't take up too much space – at only 5 ounces he won't weigh you down!

Beyond being comfortable, Manny is also hypoallergenic and easy to clean – simply remove the stuffed body from the shell cover and throw it into the washing machine on a gentle cycle. The stuffing inside is made of recycled plastic bottles so it's eco-friendly as well as durable. With this combination of features and benefits, it's no wonder why people are so wild about Manny the Squishmallow!

Snoopy - Peanuts - Squishmallow

Snoopy the Squishmallow, is the beloved beagle from Charlie Brown, is now a stuffed animal that you can cuddle up with! For those who have been looking for a comfortable companion to snuggle with, Snoopy is the perfect stuffed animal. 

The stuffed Snoopy is part of a new collaboration between Peanuts and Smashmallow, two iconic American brands that are working together to bring you a series of collectible characters from the world-famous comic strip. These stuffed animals feature fun designs based on classic moments from the comic strip, capturing all the charm and humor of Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus and more!

Each stuffed Snoopy comes in its own package complete with a collector card inside. The card contains fun facts about Snoopy that help bring his character to life even more. The stuffed animal also features an embroidered logo patch of both Peanuts and Smashmallow, making it an instant keepsake item for fans of both brands.

Not only does this stuffed Snoopy make for an adorable companion but he also makes for a great gift idea too! Whether you’re buying it for your children or a loved one, this stuffed animal will capture hearts everywhere! So grab yours today and get ready for some snuggle time with your very own stuffed Snoopy!

Carol - Squishmallow

Carol the Squishmallow is a stuffed animal unlike any other! With her soft and fluffy exterior, she's perfect for cuddles, hugs, and snuggles. She's sure to become your child's best friend in no time at all! Carol is made of high-quality materials that are comfortable to the touch and durable enough to withstand plenty of playtime. Her bright and vibrant colors bring life to any room,especially around the holidays! Bring some love and joy into your home by getting a Squishmallow today!

Guri & Dulce - Squishmallow - Flip a Mallow

Guri & Dulce Squishmallow is the perfect stuffed animal collection for anyone who loves the colors of Christmas. The two stuffed animals, Guri and Dulce, are part of the beloved Squishmallow family of stuffed animals, which features a variety of different animals in bright colors and patterns. Unlike other stuffed animals, Guri & Dulce have an extra feature: they can be easily flipped from one side to the other! This allows children to enjoy playing with two stuffed animals at once while still having their favorite characters in one. 

Kids will love snuggling up against these delightful stuffed animals or using them as a pillow buddy when they get tired or sleepy during the day. They also make great bed decorations so kids can always have their favorite friends around when they drift off into sweet dreams. Guri & Dulce – Squishmallow – Flip a Mallow are an ideal gift for any child around Christmas time!

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