What to Do When You Forget to Get Christmas Gifts

As Christmas quickly approaches, gift shopping has become a time crunch and a headache. By now, it’s nearly impossible to come up with unique Christmas gift ideas that are readily available and won't break the bank. Yet several inexpensive, convenient, and thoughtful gifts can still find their place beneath your Christmas tree this year: candles, picture frames, books, and more. Look to Banner’s Hallmark, one of the region’s best holiday gift stores, for more last-minute Christmas gifts.

The Banner’s Hallmark team specializes in everything Christmas, from bright decorations to sentimental tokens. Our family-owned and operated franchise has sold cards and gifts since the 1970s; those decades of holiday merchandise experience give us confidence that we can satisfy all your Christmas shopping needs. Visit your nearest Banner's Hallmark store or shop our online collection today!

Below, we list several last-minute yet thought Christmas gift ideas for a loved one:


Candles can function as standout gifts if chosen correctly. Achieving this outcome requires knowledge of your loved one’s favorite scents—but that knowledge proves you’ve been paying attention to the little things. Consider buying them Yankee Candles, candle warmers and wax melts, or even a candle gift set. Also, while a custom candle may not be a last-minute option, you can explore scents beyond the standard ones.

If your loved ones travel often, Homesick offers candles that smell like another city, setting, or room. You might find something reminiscent of your hometown, a beach getaway, or your wedding day.

Picture Frames

Simple and sentimental, picture frames can be heartfelt Christmas gifts. A picture frame is practical, beautifies a home or office, and reminds viewers of a particular moment. Whether a small memento or a stately family photo, surprising a loved one with an elegantly framed picture will add a warm touch to the holidays. Also, consider buying a digital picture frame that presents a slideshow of your favorite memories.


Last minute Christmas gifts at Banner's Hallmark

Books make for an ideal holiday present, especially if you're running late on Christmas shopping. Picking the right book for your loved one will require careful thought and discernment. However, the selection at Banner’s Hallmark includes material suited to diverse interests and personalities.

Anyone unsure of their loved one’s taste can speak to a Banner’s Hallmark associate for guidance and options. When in doubt, a heartwarming book is a great way to offer a simple yet thoughtful gift for your loved one this year.


Finally, Hallmark Keepsake ornaments offer a further option for your last-minute gift search. These trinkets need not be expensive to deliver unique and sentimental value. Gift an ornament to commemorate your relationship: your loved one can hang it on the Christmas tree each year and remember the day you gave it to them.

Moreover, some ornaments also serve as picture frames. Consider one of these if you’d like to highlight a special memory. With every size and style available, you’re sure to find one that expresses your love and appreciation this holiday season!

Find Last-Minute Christmas Gifts at Banner’s Hallmark

Banner’s Hallmark is the perfect place to search for last-minute Christmas gifts this year. We have plenty of options to choose from, whether it be an impressive gift from Santa or a small stocking stuffer. With our staff’s hundreds of years of cumulative retail experience, we’ll be sure to help you find the perfect Christmas present for your loved one. To browse our store, shop on our website or visit a Banner's Hallmark location near you.