How to Make a Better World

Penguin Random House SKU: 9781465490872
Better World offers an optimistic alternative for children by empowering them to make a difference.

How to Make a Better World

Penguin Random House SKU: 9781465490872
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This fun and empowering guide to making the world a better place is packed with inspiring ideas and tips for kids who want to know how to make a difference.

Full of positive encouragement to find something you’re passionate about and how to get started on making a big difference through small actions, this brilliant factbook for kids is a treasure trove of information and great advice.

There’s a lot that can be changed by just one person if you know what to do.

If you are a kid with big dreams and a passion for what is right, you just might be a world-changer in the making! Through ideas as small as creating a neighborhood lending library to as important as public speaking and how to talk about politics, How to Make a Better World is a practical guide to activism for children.

Well-written and divided into sections on You, Community, Environment, and more, this educational book helps children to look at what they might like to achieve, and the logical approach makes it easy to navigate if you want to tie topics up with school projects.

Brightly illustrated inclusive art makes this factbook as visually appealing as its message. You can easily jump around without any loss of comprehension and dip in for short or longer periods. Learn about tricky social interactions like friendship fallouts, or bullying and how to maneuver them, or find out how to go about creating activist campaigns to tackle climate change or social injustice.

If kids are to think positive thoughts and be part of movements for positive change, they need to be encouraged to do it. This book is full of wonderful facts about the world, presenting such positivity as cool, sensible, exciting, and achievable. The perfect starter book to activism for kids.
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