The Best Baby Shower Gifts No One Thinks Of

Clothing, blankets, books, toys—such newborn baby gifts are popular and frequently seen at baby showers. But what less common presents are still useful for new parents? A white noise machine, nursing cart, and more unique baby gifts for boys and girls are welcome departures from the “expected” gifts. Look to a local, family-owned and -operated store like Banner’s Hallmark for more ideas and diverse options!

Banner’s Hallmark began as a card, gift, and stationery store yet now operates locations up and down the East Coast. Our offerings appeal to numerous interests and needs, from holidays to home decor, apparel, pets, sports, and more. Visit your nearest Banner’s Hallmark store today or shop through our website!

Below, we recommend and describe several unique baby shower gifts:

White Noise Machine

Many adults like to sleep with a fan on to drown out background noise and create a relaxing environment. You can do the same for a newborn (without the chill or blowing air that fans produce) with a white noise machine. New parents will be grateful for your gift when their children sleep uninterrupted through the night.


baby gifts for boys

Banner’s Hallmark stocks a wide selection of plush and stuffed animals—a glance at our online store proves that. However, Squishmallows are our most popular plush products. These small stuffed animals are made from the softest materials, which children (and adults) love to snuggle. Plus, Squishmallows’ selection of 1000+ characters (with unique storylines!) gives children endless variety to choose from and collect.

Bathtub Kneeler

Although a formative experience between parents and their children, bath time still presents some challenges. Indeed, new parents may not realize how hard kneeling on bathroom tile is until they’re midway through an hour-long bath. You can forestall such a dilemma by gifting expectant parents a bathtub kneeler—a cushion (made from waterproof materials) that protects knees against a hard surface.

Postpartum Nursing Cart

In the weeks and months following a child’s delivery, new parents must adjust to their new life and all its demands. This process can weigh especially on new mothers, who are also recovering from birth (and, in many cases, breastfeeding their newborn). A postpartum nursing cart can give this activity a sense of organization and order.

A nursing cart is a mobile “station” of necessities for newborn care. Carts are generally two or three tiers tall, and each level holds certain items and belongings. These include:

  • Nursing supplies: breast pump, milk collection bottles, hands-free pumping bra, nursing cover, nipple cream, nursing pads
  • Baby care supplies: diapers, diaper cream, changing pad, wipes, burp clothes, pacifier
  • Self-care supplies: (insulated) water bottle, one-handed snacks, notepads and pens for reminders
  • Gifts for New Parents

    Your baby shower gift could also be meant entirely for the new parents. For instance, show you have the new mom’s well-being in mind with a self-care gift like a robe, postpartum clothing, or a spa gift card. A meal delivery or restaurant gift card can also help relieve new parents’ daily burdens. Lastly, consider a Little New Mom bracelet to signify this new stage of the mother’s life. This jewelry piece captures her new role’s beauty and opening horizons.

    Banner’s Hallmark: Unique Baby Gifts for Your Loved Ones

    Expectant parents will be thrilled to see you at their baby shower no matter what you offer them. Nevertheless, thoughtful and unique baby gifts illustrate just how important their happiness is to you. Stop by Banner’s Hallmark and choose among our array of options—cards, decorations, kitchenware, school supplies, and more. Call (301) 670-4140, check out our website, or visit the nearest Hallmark Banner's store today!